Web3 Data Analyst

About the job

MetaMet is looking for a Web3 Data Analyst to join our team in South Korea, United States, or remotely.

In this role, you will be surrounded by talented people passionate about decentralized economies and the fundamental data behind them. Break new ground, create exciting new data-driven products and research, and help shape the future of decentralized finance.

Affiliated Team

The teams you will be joining are:

  • Web3 Data Analyst belongs to the Tech Team along with Product Owners (POs) and engineers.
  • The Tech team is involved in creating data products and conducting data and infrastructure projects related to Web3.
  • The Web3 Data Analyst researches, plans, and evaluates the data required by customers in collaboration with the Product Owner.
  • Web3 data analysts work closely with Product Owners, data engineers, and product and market research teams within the Tech Team.

This is your main job

  • Research the data required by users/customers.
    • Investigate the Web3 ecosystem and market to identify data needs.
    • Analyze the customers of MetaMet (MTM) and analyze MTM’s products as well as similar on-chain data products.
  • Plan and evaluate the data that customers need.
    • Transform conceptual data ideas into actual metrics, marts, and dashboard forms.
    • Conduct in-depth analysis of blockchain raw data, smart contracts, Web3 project structure/white paper, etc., to materialize and document the desired data.
    • If necessary, apply statistical methodologies to evaluate the data.
  • Create the data products that your customers need. (Below is an example.)
    • Develop a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard for each blockchain.
    • Create valuation metrics and risk management metrics for each token to project the performance of each project.
    • Create an indicator that can be used for trading.
    • Produce index products that customers need.

As you progress through the work, you can expect the following growth.

  • You can deepen your understanding of the blockchain industry by studying and comprehending the overall ecosystem of blockchain and Web3 while researching the data that customers need.
  • While specifying the data that customers need, you can gain a deeper technical understanding of blockchain raw data and smart contracts, surpassing others in your expertise in the blockchain and Web3 fields.
  • You can enhance your understanding of finance by collaborating closely with numerous global financial institutions and partners.
  • Working closely with data engineers, you can achieve a high level of proficiency in SQL. The efficiency of queries and technical query optimization will also be considered.
  • You can experiment with product ownership while building data products with the Product Owner.

So, Look For Someone Who Fits The Criteria Below

  • You can comprehend the structure of raw data (blocks, transactions, etc.) of at least one Layer1 or Layer2 blockchain.
  • You have experience in planning necessary data and building business intelligence dashboards while collaborating with data engineers.
  • You must be proficient in SQL and have used at least 100 basic functions mentioned in the document.
  • You can read and understand Etherscan.
  • You have a high learning curve, enabling you to quickly understand the rapidly evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

If You Have An Experience Like This, Even Better

  • Experienced in data-based analysis projects related to blockchain (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum)
    • Ability to understand Solidity code, even if you cannot write it
    • Familiarity with at least one Web3 project developer document
  • Experience in data modeling projects using statistical methodologies from an investment perspective
  • Interest in investment, cryptocurrency, and finance
  • Proficient English communication skills
  • Alignment with CryptoQuant’s corporate culture (

Skill Stack

  • PostgreSQL
  • BigQuery
  • (Optional) dbt


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